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Our team

The art of collaboration, excellence in results.

The specialists at INFINEXA have extensive experience in managing highly challenging and complex projects, likely some of the most renowned restructuring projects for companies in insolvency. We are advocates of innovation and strong supporters of innovative and efficient solutions for unlocking difficult and sensitive situations, whether they involve legal, economic, or management aspects.

Managing Partner

Adrian Lotrean

Adrian is a lawyer and insolvency practitioner with dual qualifications, holding degrees in both economics and law.

This dual qualification enables him to provide consultancy in the restructuring of companies, with a deep understanding of both economic concepts pertaining to a company’s operations and existing regulatory frameworks for restructuring distressed companies.

Senior Partner

Radu Tudor

Insolvency practitioner with over 8 years of experience, having managed extensive procedures in the field of restructuring and insolvency.

Radu holds extensive experience as a litigating insolvency practitioner, being involved over the years in representing clients in court within highly complex insolvency proceedings. With a legal background, he worked for 7 years in the banking sector, being involved in the workout activity of the banking institutions he worked for.

Senior Financial Analyst

Alexandru Stanciu

Alexandru is a professional in financial analysis, budgeting, and planning, being involved in numerous consultancy and restructuring projects, bringing viable solutions and efficient strategies for companies facing difficulties. With a dual specialization, possessing the qualities of an accounting expert and an insolvency practitioner, with over 12 years of experience in the economic field, he brings a complex set of skills and knowledge, efficiently and creatively addressing the various challenges and opportunities in today’s financial landscape.

Legal Advisor

Michelle Dicu

A graduate of the Law Faculty at the University of Bucharest, Michelle has the ability to navigate the complex procedures of insolvency and collaborate efficiently with various involved parties, maintaining a balance between clients’ interests and legal requirements.

Senior Insolvency Practitioner

Alexandra Tănăsie

With over 9 years of experience in the field of insolvency, Alexandra has established herself as a consummate professional in managing the complexities of this specialized sphere. His empathetic approach and creative solutions have brought a palpable passion to managing challenging cases, turning challenges into opportunities aimed at restoring legal balance.

Legal Advisor

Georgian Dașoveanu

With 10 years of operational experience within some of the most prominent insolvency practitioner firms in Romania, 4 of which were spent concurrently both around courtrooms and at the banks of the Faculty of Law, Georgian has acquired the ability to fulfill any legal endeavor. He is an advocate for improving work practices through constant attention to detail, as well as the overall framework and purpose of the endeavor.


For us at Infinexa, professionalism is the story of our passion for excellence. It’s not just a standard we follow, it’s how we express our dedication to each project and to each client. To us, being professional means putting our soul into everything we do, striving to exceed expectations not only in what we deliver, but also in how we present ourselves in every interaction. It is the personal commitment that each of us makes to ensure that Infinexa remains a benchmark of excellence, ethics and integrity.



Honesty and partnership are more than principles; they represent the transposition of our personal beliefs and commitment to the work we do. We see ourselves beyond the profession of insolvency practitioner, behaving as members of a united community, joining their forces to bring a positive change in the business environment. To us, being honest means being authentic and imperfect at the same time, with a commitment to keeping our promises and fulfilling our mission with integrity. At the heart of our partnerships lies a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the businesses we interact with. This wellbeing isn’t just economic – it’s about creating an environment where every person, every team and every organization we work with feels like they’re growing, thriving and being valued.



For us, transparency is not just a policy, but rather our way of being. We are open, honest and we take responsibility for being as predictable as possible in everything we do. We want to build an environment of trust through predictability, where our actions are easy to anticipate, and everyone knows exactly what to expect and can count on us for authenticity and transparency. We think of this as inviting each person to explore the core of Infinexa, and to understand and adhere to our principles.



At Infinexa, continuous learning is a personal journey for each member of our team. It is our continuous desire to grow, improve and constantly innovate. Every day is an opportunity to add new chapters to our knowledge story, expand our horizons and share this passion with those around us. We approach challenges with enthusiasm and courage, knowing that each experience enriches us and strengthens our commitment to excellence.



Innovation is the pulse that animates us. It’s not just a concept we admire, it’s the ground we build our future on every day. For us, innovation isn’t just about finding the next big idea; it’s about having the courage to pursue it, to experiment, to fail and to learn from it, so that each new day at Infinexa is an opportunity to push our limits and leave a lasting mark on everything we do we make.